So today we stepped foot onto the Emirates pitch. That was pretty cool. We took a self guided tour around the stadium and saw pretty much everything any Gunner fan would want to see.The storms held up and we were able to get some great views of the entire arena down by the field as … Continue reading Football

Shops in London

Today we visited where the world’s millionaires shop, and where London’s punk, hipster kids shop, and both were awesome! I completely understand why Harrods is ranked London’s third most popular destination. Half- million dollar watches, personal hover crafts, and gold plated iPhones. I definitely was not disappointed. Although, Pete and I did not purchase anything, … Continue reading Shops in London

London Day

Flight got in about 1130 am British Standard Time? The Moore’s picked us up and brought us to Cheam, about 25 minutes outside of London. We grabbed some food and made way to the city. Hit some of the bigger, I guess you can call them, sights. Takeaway: The Underground is a lot better than … Continue reading London Day