The perfect getaway in laid-back Asheville, North Carolina

“No, not Nashville,” is what I told my friends and just now auto correct, which proves my theory that Asheville is one of America’s most underrated cities. With breweries on every corner offereing $3 pints, free live music, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and hush puppies – what else are you looking for in an escape from … Continue reading The perfect getaway in laid-back Asheville, North Carolina

2014 in Review

Thanks to all my friends and family for making 2014 a year full of adventure and unforgettable memories! January: New Year’s Eve at Hopton Hall Derbyshire, England Cochabamba, Bolivia researching water resource management for my Global Citizenship capstone project February/March: Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana for Spring Break April: Buddhist Monks visit Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania  Easter at … Continue reading 2014 in Review

Can’t Koh Rong

After 3 hot, humid and long days exploring the temples, it was time to check out Cambodia’s beaches! This time we opted for an Island adjacent to Sihanoukville called Koh Rong. To get down the shore from Siem Reap we took a 20 dollar “hotel bus.” Funnily enough, this bus is actually a hotel on wheels with … Continue reading Can’t Koh Rong